Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Before talking about my title, i want to tell you that i hate the whole study process at school. My school has driven me crazy. This week is full of exams, argh, i hate exams. Tomorrow i'm going to have Islamic Education and Biology tests. I supposedly study, but my body is too weak, my brains aren't ready to study them, and i'm too sleepy so i fell asleep at 5 p.m until 9 p.m, wake up to get some dinner, and then go to sleep again and now i wake up again. Pretty unhealthy habit, huh? I know, and this week is full of rainy days, yes i love rain, but it can kill my mood sometimes, kill my romantic mood. "Thunder" from Boys Like Girls is the loveliest song ever, i even wished for special someone to sings me this song, hmmffh.

Anyway, Saturday, please come hurry! I'm craving for sushi, right now. All i can think of is some mouthwatering kanimayo tobiko maki, oh my God, sushi is the best creation of all time! Or maybe, if i don't have anything on Friday after school, maybe i'll go to Sushi Tei by my own, i like walking alone when the Mall isn't crowded, and Friday is the right time to do that.
(Yawn) I'm yawning. Gotta go, folks!


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Benazio R.P said...

wooh nooo! kanimayoooo tobiko makiiii AAAAAAAAAAA !!!

MASUK masuk ada logo sushi tei langsung perut gue mulai introo .. krukk krukk cess .. aheuaheuahea

besok sushi aaahh !!! :D