Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Finally folks, i have found the shoes of my dream! I went to Zara today and found this cute yet rockin' sneakers, and it costs about 450 thousands rupiah, not too shabby yet expensive for Zara stuffs *sure, it's already a discount price -_-*, anyway i've seen Acchan's post about her best and worst moments in 2008, and i think i'm gonna write them, too! Since 2008 is my favorite year, idk why ;p

(Not in orders)
1. Got new laptop for my 16th birthday :)
2. Graduated junior high school, with good grades.
3. Entering high school.
4. Went to Dufan with my best mates and OSIS-MPK PANCA.
5. Surprise from my best mates, thanks guys :D
6. Birth of Ezra, my littlest sibling.
7. Losing some weight, YEAH!
8. Twilightnism, since February.
9. And bunch of laughs this 2008 :D

1. Leaving junior high school
2. Being 10th grade, high school dramas!
3. Missing junior high school friends
4. Little income, much outcome o___0/besar pasak daripada tiang
5. Losing so many things, like camera and ipod.
6. Breaking other people stuffs errrrgh.
7. Dramas, dramas and more dramas!

My wishes for 2009 :
1. I wish i can be more mature, because in 2009 i'm turning 17 (LEGAL!)
2. I wish i can be more responsible and careful.
3. I wish i can lose SOME WEIGHT :p
4. I wish i can get a car, and have some driving lessons ;)
5. I wish i can get good grades and be a science-class student.
6. I wish i can save my money a lot for 2009.
7. I wish i can get bunch of new clothes, develop my own style.
8. I wish i can bond with my high school friends, much better.
9. I wish i can get less drama, life is too short to be wasted.
10. I wish i can go somewhere beautiful by myself, for a relaxation.
11. I wish i can get love, support, plus tons of hugs from every people that i love :)I
12. I wish i can meet Edward Gregory Westwick (?)

Ok, the last one please, ignore it, but hey, you can wish for anything, right? ;) So lets count the hours, folks. Let's celebrate the new year with bundle of joy and love.


Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yeah, i'm preparing for my late-new-year holiday to Japan. You can see some coats and jackets, there. I actually borrowed more jackets, ha! :p I haven't bought my boots :'( i couldn't find the perfect pair for my feet, yet i found my long-lost knee legging in my wardrobe cabinet, my oh my! This holiday nights driving me crazy! I sleep at 3 a.m in the morning, then wake up around afternoon and do my daily activities until 3 a.m and doing the same routine again! Gosh, i absolutely hate holiday nights! Oh well, gotta go, adiós!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


No, i'm not listening to Arctic Monkeys, Adele instead :p Argh, i have so many ideas this holiday, yet i don't know how to do all of them :( My head is brainstorming with these ideas, here are some plans that i would love to do this holiday :

1. Go to Pasar Senen! Ugh, so badly wanna go there! I try to find some old-worn oxford shoes, or even better, ankle boots -_-
2. Gossip Girl season 2 marathon! I miss my so-hot-yet-tortured-yet-devilish Chuck Bass, ah Edward Westwick is bittenly yummy :3
3. See my winter clothes, which mostly borrowed from someone. I hope the items are classic, so it's easy to mix and match them.
4. Make some sweets, like fudges, s'mores, or even better, dry cakes! I never try to touch the oven, holiday season is the right time to do it.
5. Make the new link for my blog....


No, silly friends, i'm sticking to this lovely one, i'm going to make a new blog for my alter-ego.


Yes, like Beyonce who named Sasha Fierce as her alter-ego on stage, i have one too as my alter-ego of fashion! Why am i doing this? Well, i love fashion so much, i fell in love with designing, so suddenly i'm having this crazy idea to make some new fashion blog, full of sketches and drawings, plus my favorite personal fashion stuffs, yum :3 So please pray for this secret alter ego, i have drawn her, but i need to make her more perfect, it's still 10% :p


It's still a secret, friends, just pray she'll be finished as soon as possible, love ya!


p.s : for those who have my msn and want to know her name terribly, take a look at my name, it's her intial :p

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I couldn't sleep right now, i'm always insomniac on holiday nights *sigh*. I'm supposed to go to Dufan with my friends today, but what a heck, because of this insomnia i couldn't wake up and my head feels really heavy in the morning, so i decided not to go :'(
But anyway, the good parts are today, i'm making some japanese kare! I got the recipe from closetcooking, and what's the result? IT IS TREMENDOUSLY DELICIOUS, GUYS! I love it, thank you closetcooking you make my day!
I also made some sets for my polyvore profile, 7 sets! Congratulations to me, yeay me!
Here is one of my (favorite) sets :

i love you, polaroid by Katrafinka

Oh well, see you later guys! Have some love, Ed Westwick rule!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I waited this moment for a loooooooooong time since February, and FINALLY, I HAVE JUST WATCHED TWILIIIIIIIIIGHT!
Well, maybe now you'll ask me : How was the movie?

Um, it's good actually, although i wasn't hyperventilating like Acchan did (read her post after she watched Twilight), or annoy my friends with a scream like "EDWARD GANTENG BANGET!" like Miss Wina did, because i don't really like the storyline, it was kinda boring, and the movie effects are kinda lame, i could see that all of the casts wearing brown contact lenses in some close up scenes. (i know this is not important, but hey, you know me, i'm weird!) The book is soooo much better than the movie, but i admit that the casts are perfect, especially Edward. He described as having this hard jaw, pale face, and really muscular structure, and Robert Pattinson was perfect for this part :D Even though i said that the storyline and the effect isn't excellent, still, i like the baseball part, gosh, i wish i could run like that :p Oh well, you've read my review about this movie, but hey, don't be mad at me if you really like the movie, it's just my opinion, tee hee! Cheers everyone, have some love.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

new hair, booties!


Yeah, i've got my new haircut, still fresh (from the oven, d'uh!), hope you like it, though i feel like miss Jenny Humphrey with this short layered hair-do, except i'm the fat one -__- Anyway, in January, i'll going to Japan to take some holiday! Yeay me! Yeay me! So, i've been browsed some websites about Japan's street style, it's still winter there, so i'll be wearing some coats, boots, and all of that warm-y stuffs that i will never wear at here, in Jakarta. Anyway, i haven't bought some boots and coats for this holiday. I mean come on, do you want people to see your holiday photos with some granny coats? So, i browsed around Topshop!, ASOS!, and Urban Outfitters, i eventually found these cool things :
Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe wore these Docs :3
3. Photobucket
Gosh, i always love mustard yellow.
4. Photobucket
Hoodies never die! Hoodies never die!
Aaaaaah, it's really flowing and free to wear that, i guess.

So, dear daddy, i know you always read my blog on your Blackberry, so pleaaaaaaaase buy me some coats and boots, i need one!


p.s : 1 is from topshop, 2,3,5 are from ASOS, and 4 is from Urban Outfitters.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bite me, please.........

We all have bitten by these gorgeous Twilight casts, and I found this while i was browsing around edward and bella fansite :


I found out that this is very funny, wearing those vampire teeth, ha! But surely, these lads are still gorgeous, huh, i guess people can still be very beautiful if they are really beautiful.



Ugh, sorry guys, i've got no time to update my blog this week, except to posted that blog award :D This week is the final exam week, started on Tuesday til next Tuesday!!!!! And oh, God, i hate final exam, because i hardly study now, i never focus when i see some books, argh. Plus if you fail, you'll never get remedy, gosh, that's terrible! And i haven't got my score yet, well, let's hope for the best!

English : It's not as easy as i thought, but i survived it.
Geography : Blargh, i hate maps and all of that stones, metarmophs, rivers, mountains........
Indonesian : Ugh, but ok, lah!
Biology : I can do it, i guess.
Chemistry : HELL FART @$**@&)@#&)$&@&)!& (simply hate it).
Islamic Education : Sorry, God, i blew up this time........ hoping for some good score.
Computer Technology : I'm not a high-tech, so...........
Physics : Thank you, Mr. Asep! Thank You! (by meaning i thank him truly!)
History : Oh well, it's weird, but, ok.

And for next Monday and Tuesday, i'll have :

Civil Education : Oh god, i must get good score!
Math : Logarithm you're such an ***
Sociology : Uh, it's a very-nap-time lesson, but i'll try.
Japanese : OJIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Economy : What? Why on earth i have to study this one?

Ah, cheers for me, mates, loving you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


I must nominate another ten:
1. Acchan
2. Chiquitita
3. Manda
4. Desya
5. Kak Sabila
6. Shila
7. Raditya Dika
8. Kak Bebek
9. Yasmin
10. ngggg ga tau lagi hehe

These are the rules:
1. Each blogger must post this rules
2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names
3. Don't forget to leave them comment telling they've been tagged and read your blog

Ok then, if you see your names here, please take it, okay?

Thank you, Yasmin, for giving me this award :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Suddenly i miss my junior high school friends, and i'm gonna tell you what it's like to be friends with them! (not in orders)

1. Acchan, well, currently, she goes with the same school with me, and same class. She's freaking insane with those A7X songs that i couldn't hear (no offense for A7X fans, it's not my type, i do appreciate them, though), knows everyone (gaul!), and never want to share her food with someone, even if you just ask for tiny little bite. But oh well, she's nice and her world knowledge is freaking awesome!
2. Shabrina, she's in Labsky, too. We've been hanging out since 8th grade and she always screams hard when it comes to boys, especially when she sees hot guys from Twilight. She owns Wii and that makes me jealous, her face is like an angry cat robot everytime, but i can scream my lungs out with her.
3. Sheila, same school. Famous for her ataxia thing when she was 8th grade, she have this slanted eyes like mine, but she's pretty and beautiful and me...... i'm a pig. She never likes me when i'm on my bad mood because she will be my object for my sarcasm, she always want to take photos and likes to disturbing any photo sessions, i think she obsessed being a model :p
4. Ai, same school, too! One thing that i know for sure that she has this many arm-hair, you can even brush them! She always has this love dillemas that you can't resist. She's really smart and always makes notes for tests, like some future science-class student. Aaaargh!
5. Kara, 34 HS for now. She's my classmate for 3 years and she lives near my house, so she always take advantage of me to take her to her home after we went out, grrr :p She always thinks late, and laughs late. Her mind reacts slowly and she never likes to study (who likes to study, anyway?), but she always got good grades and just jump a little for it, damn -___- what a luck.
6. Thalia, Tarakanita for now. She's always described as this athletic person. She's a swimmer, so she had this good shoulders and everything, and she's a dancer, too. So you can envy her :p She has this magnet for boys for her good personalities. But she is tomboy, too, you know. Maybe that's why she's such a magnet, a combo between femininity and tomboyism.
7. Chiquitita, 8 for now. Cikui, cika, cikitit, whatever. Named after ABBA's unique song, Chiquitita. She's always different and one step ahead than anothers. The master of holga and always has this job of being someone's birthday surprise organizer, out of the box, you may say her that.
8. Nari, 28 for now. Oh my god she's a very patient person, a type of an ideal mother, that's why i call her "Mami". You can tell her everything, she will give the best advice she could, and that's why i call her "Mami". But she likes to prank too, ha!
9. Poe, 28 for now. She always has this perfect hair, thanks to her mom who owns the salon, so she always blows her hair. She's crazy and maniacal, and she has this Aladdin's Abu doll and she called it "Onyet", she sleeps with it, and i can't stand stuff animals like her. She likes to prank on us and very......... ah well, HAHA!
10. Fatima, 66 for now. She's the daughter of Islamic singer (guess it, guys!), and she's very nice and warm. She's a very good listener and my partner when i was in the Student Committee. She always gives you some big hug, maybe that's why we gave her some big teddy bear as her birthday present. She's loyal, and that's why i admire her loyality.
11. Niwa, 8 for now. Gawd, she's crazy, and her laugh is maniacal and loud. And she always has many stories, mostly some stupid stories. But she's not stupid, she's very intelligent and yet she didn't know that, imbicil :p She has this long hair and healthy hair and shiny hair, call her Sunsilk model!
12. Pea, 78 for now. She has this biiiiiiig nice cheeks. She can control her emotion and always laugh. She has this interest with monkey (like moi!), and she always jokes and never thinks any negatives. She always positive, like some soldier. I wish i could be more like her.
13. Banny, 70 for now. She described as............... "LEBAY"! What is the english word for that? Let me see, maybe over-react. She's very hyper and always more hyper than anyone else. She always got pranked from me, poor you, Banny. She's like a rabbit and yet she's tall. Her laugh is lebay, her action is lebay, nothing more than LEBAY!
14. Richel, 70 for now. I haven't seen her for a while and i miss her, she's very beautiful and she's always magnet for boys. But if you know her, god, she's such a moron kid, HA! She reacts slowly like Kara does, and she always laughs 5 minutes after we all went laughing. Oh well, i hope she survived from this moron dilemmas.
15. Nita, 28 for now. She always cares for hot guys and nicknamed them very well. She's a nicknamer! She knows every gossips, so you can call her gossip girl. I salute her for that, at least she got nerves to goss someone. She's very active and she has this laugh that i never forget :)

God, i miss you!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Oh God, i can't believe it's already December, which is we'll welcoming a new year, again. Time is really fast-forwarding, guys. I wish i could return back the times, but oh well, you can't fight the force of God. Anyway, how's your school life? How about mine? Well....... terminated. My teachers are really sensitive, my chores are so... so lame, ugh i hate school when they celebrate FINAL TEST. Please pray for me, for good grades, especially in science studies, i wanna be a science-class student!
Oh yeah, some people (well, plenty of them actually) tell me, that my current posts (which i used english for the first language) are really good, but they miss me, the hyperactive me, on my blog (read my previous posts if you want to know). Now, i'm like, a very melancholic person. I'm not blaming them, though. If you meet me in person, i'm a very total different person. I'm such a monkey, i walk everywhere and say hi to everyone i met. But you know, this blog, monyetkuning, means like an expression to me. I put all of my emotions here, the melancholic side that i never show to everyone who knows me. So i hope you like my posts now, remember, i'll post something in Indonesian, just for refreshing. Give me comments mates, or if you just want to fill my c-box, it's up to you. Keep in touch!