Thursday, August 20, 2009





Saturday, May 30, 2009

Right now I'm in Acchan's house, stealing some her wi-fi connection, thank God i brought my laptop here. Want to know what we're doing? We're doing..................


Have i told you that i got the 'Korean' disease? It's already contaging me, and well, i can't hide it. Me and Acchan are enjoying ourselves, watch Super Junior videos, let's just say there's some craziness in here. I enjoy this weekend very much. After Kim Bum, who else that i love? Let's see the picture below :


Not much of a word, picture says 1000 words, i love Super Junior, ha, especially the horsey Si Won! Enjoy your weekend, everyone! :D


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I’ve just done my school time, now I’m in my mother’s office, updating my lovely blog again. Since this is the only internet connection I get (besides my Dad’s wi-fi), so I try accept this fact with a very big heart, hikes’ :’( I already missed my mom and dad, they’ve just gone overseas. My mom went umroh -I don’t know if she did this to do her job as a medical staff or just want to do this on her own- while my dad went to Shanghai to attend some medical congress. I pray for their safety on plane.
Meanwhile, yesterday I did my history task for today (yes, Sistem Kebut Semalam works, guys!). I did a splendid autobiography about Rabindranath Tagore, a very talented yet legendary poetry. While I was doing this task, I read one of his love poetry and these words hits me right away:
Love does not claim possession,
but gives freedom.
Do you understand what he said? No, I’ve never got that experience, I was still na├»ve, and I’m still a kid. So, by my interpretation, have you ever loved someone but that someone has already got his/her own someone specials? I won’t say soul mate for this time, because we (my and you, lovely readers) still young, we still get plenty time to find our own soul mate. So, have you? If you did, read those above words. That really hits me right away; I’ve met so many people who have suffered because of heartbreak. Is it okay to feel heartbreak? Of course it’s okay, we’re still human, and we’re never perfect. Is it okay if you cry because of it? It’s terribly okay, too! But remember those words: Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom. “Cinta tak harus memiliki”, sometimes you don’t have to own that person or make that person to love you back. If you really love someone, you’ll let her/him go to pick her/his own choices of love. If you really love this person, you’ll pray for his/her happiness. You’ll be happy if that person happy. Isn’t that sweet? Yes, it’s sweet. I’ve read a book that says “Love is a sweet torment”, it is true, sometimes love makes us painful, but you want to feel it more and more. Love is a four letter word described gazillion complicated sentences.
So, readers, if right now you feel that you’re having a very bad heartbreak, you’ve just ended your previous relationship, or if you just feeling empty because you’ve got no someone to think to, read those words again, I believe that you are ready to spread some love and finding your someone specials. I know you’ll do, won't you?


Friday, May 15, 2009

need no matter

About my title, i've promised myself from now on, that i'll continue to writing on this blog. even though that if i'll never get my own internet connection at my home. Being inactive because the lack of internet connection really pissed me off. I really love to write, writing is a way to express my thoughts and feelings, and it feels good when i write something, whether it's important or not.
Right, let's move on to my life. So, how's my life? It's pretty well bad, actually. I hate my school (who doesn't?). I hate to do my assignments, i'm not pretty sure that i will have my seat in Science/IPA class, and i'm not quite satisfied with my scores right now. And the problem is, i feel really lonely at school. Isn't that weird? Mente, the yellow girl, is feeling lonely? In many case, i'm still a human with feelings, sometimes i do get lonely, even if i have my friends around. "Have you ever felt that you have everything that everybody wanted but your life is still like an empty hole?" That sentences hit me right away. Oh my, i'm such an emo -_-
But anyway, to heal my loneliness, i watch disney movies. many disney movies. Disney movies are always nostalgic and memorable. I watched Little Mermaid many times and never get bored with it. Besides Disney movies, i also get some new hobbies, such as making silly songs. Acchan is the first lucky star victim to hear one of my newest silly song, i titled it "Cream Soup", at that time i was really hungry and craving for some cream soup, so i did it!
Want to know my other new interest?.................................................

watching Korean hit show "Boys Over Flowers". Please raise your hand if you like to watch it, too!

I know, sounds lame, and weird, and crazy. But hey, some of my schoolmates (they're all girls) are watching that show. Last week, we watched that show on my friend's laptop and we're all screaming because of the gorgeous casts. I've tried sooooo hard to not to watch it, but it's too late, it's contagious yet temptatious. My mind is already contaminated by those Korean guys! I continue to watch it at home, and i always having my pillow around so i can bite it when i'm too excited to watch some heart racing scenes. I even couldn't believe myself, but here i am, hoping that one day that i'll go to South Korea and meeting them :p I had a HUGE crush on Kim Bum, who played the part of So Yi Jung, the playboy one slash gifted potter. The fact is, he's young, and he's single, and he never has a girlfriend, isn't that cuuuuuuute? :3


I think it's enough for today. As i promised you, i'll continue my writing hobby and i can assure you, that you'll read my minds again through this blog. Love ya!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long time no see

Hey you all, long time no see. I've been abandoned this blog for a while because the whole internet things. You see, my mother's assistant never paid the internet connection, while she told me she never get the internet bills. Oh well, wish me luck with the new connection :p
Anyway, school has spices up a little bit. I did many remedys, and also got some termendous good scores, too. My class has been amazing, our movie is on its way to editing, soon it will be finish, i'll put it here, soon. It's gonna be awesome. Also, i participated in my school's competition called Jakarta In Global. I participated for Storytelling contest., but i didn't win. Well, sucks for that. Oh well, it's a quick update. See you soon!


Friday, February 6, 2009

teenage phase

Today has started not very well, actually. I overslept and woke up at 10 am. That was sucks, because i had miss the shooting for my class movie, and yet this is best scene, argh! Screw my insomnia for this one. Also, i was already late for my pop piano lesson. I quickly took a shower and went to Yamaha PIM 2, and there Mr. Fancy was, sitting on the chair played the clavinova, waiting for me. And even worse, i didn't play the song very well, yet he was patient enough to teach me the chords again, sorry Mr. Fancy. After took some piano lesson, i took chemistry lesson. Yes, on beautiful Saturday where you supposed to meet some friends, catch some parties, gone wild and having fun, i have some chemistry lesson, and what's wrong with that, huh? :p
Anyway, i've just had an amazing dinner at Sushi Tei, Senayan City. It was (too) crowded, but yet i patienly wait for taste some mouthwatering kanimayo tobiko maki(s), salmon maki(s), crunchy roll(s), and share some sukiyaki and salmon head with my mom and sister, now imy stomach is full! Yeay! Oh yeah, while i patiently wait the long queue at Sushi Tei, i realized that many people nowadays are so impatient.
And for sudden, i'm glad that i've through the phase where i go to some place unsure when i'm coming home until midnight There's nothing wrong with that, though. But when i think of that phase again, i realize that i was so stupid. I did that not because i want to meet some friends, i did that because i want to be recognized. Like "hey, i've gone to the mall, too, you know?" For me, that is stupid. Don't get me wrong, but i kinda disagree with opinion "teenagers life = having fun". There are so much things beside popularity, fame, and fortune . We all want to be recognized, we all want to be popular, i know you do, because i've felt that. But you see, i never reach the top of my game because i never satisfied of what i've done to gain my status quo. It's okay to be recognized, but sometimes you just have to find the good ways. I want to be recognized as a very goody-goody girl who never taste bad stuffs, rather than recognized as a girl who's partying, a lot. And it's okay to be geek and freak! I'm a fashion geek, none of my friends understand the word "Rodarte" or "Marchesa". They maybe even think that Alexander Wang and Vera Wang are related. They hate when i said that Zara is cheap for some high-end fashion label, so what? They always feel that i'm an antisocial person and hate mall, so what? I hate when my friends discuss the exams and they don't like me for being cynical, so what? Someday, somehow, i'll grow into a great persona, i know that. You're the one who knows yourself best, not your friends, or even your mom and dad, so, if you like your science books, fine. Be a dilligent student. You like to bake your own cupcakes, sell them then. You like watch TV all day long, find some good informations and tell the world. You can be your own person to be recognized by the world.
You didn't like my post, then so what? Maybe only few people who read my blog and capture my honesty about what i think, but i don't care. As long as i could write my feelings, that's okay. So, start a road, keep dreaming, remember, someday, you'll be great.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Before talking about my title, i want to tell you that i hate the whole study process at school. My school has driven me crazy. This week is full of exams, argh, i hate exams. Tomorrow i'm going to have Islamic Education and Biology tests. I supposedly study, but my body is too weak, my brains aren't ready to study them, and i'm too sleepy so i fell asleep at 5 p.m until 9 p.m, wake up to get some dinner, and then go to sleep again and now i wake up again. Pretty unhealthy habit, huh? I know, and this week is full of rainy days, yes i love rain, but it can kill my mood sometimes, kill my romantic mood. "Thunder" from Boys Like Girls is the loveliest song ever, i even wished for special someone to sings me this song, hmmffh.

Anyway, Saturday, please come hurry! I'm craving for sushi, right now. All i can think of is some mouthwatering kanimayo tobiko maki, oh my God, sushi is the best creation of all time! Or maybe, if i don't have anything on Friday after school, maybe i'll go to Sushi Tei by my own, i like walking alone when the Mall isn't crowded, and Friday is the right time to do that.
(Yawn) I'm yawning. Gotta go, folks!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I often hear voices right now, blame the word schizophreniac. Anyway, yes, i've changed my link to *why mente whyyyyyyyyy* Ok, let me tell you why, first of all, the "monyetkuning" domain made me feel, i don't know, "alay"? And now, i surely notice that i hate monkeys, i like chimpanzees and orang utans, which are calmer and cuter and more human friendly than those regular monkeys. And yes No#2, i've deleted most of my previous posts, i'm getting bored with them, they're just some trash written by me, so yeah! I'm a boring person, whatever.
So, today has been exciting, although i couldn't do my History and Chemistry test, i don't give a damn about those asses (whoops). I'm back to Labsky Community Drum again, or you can call them Lamuru, after all those "I'm vacuum right now" crap from my mouth, yes, i miss play my gallon, make some noisy noise again. Today Lamuru got an interview with Ouch Magazine, when i've got the magazine, i'll scan it for you. And the best part is.........................

Mind the badass face of mine. Yes, it's the Lamuru custom drumsticks! I finally got them after a loooong wait. Aren't they such awesome babies? I think i'm gonna name both of them, and then give them some custom labels again by myself. Oh well, school's awesome, without the study part. Ciao!